Site Updated and Blog Launched!


Happy New Year and welcome to the new site!

I decided to develop some new web skills. So, out with the old PHP site and hello Python/Django. Additionally, I'm using Mezzanine for the content management/blog engine. As I have time and get more familiar with the framework, I'll be updating the site with my current projects and probably tweek the style and responsiveness a bit.

Credit where credit is due. While I did customize a bit, this site was built quick on the shoulders of giants. Special thanks to Mezzanine and Django for the engine and Bootstrap and TODC Bootstrap on which the styling is base. If you'd like to know more, I plan on writing a tutorial soon that explains how to deploy your own mezzanine/django site -be sure and check back.

My goal is for this blog to be a place to document my professional and personal journey, reflect, and share my successes and failures.  I've learned so much from reading content freely shared by others (blog posts, tutorial videos, etc), that I decided its time to start giving back.

Here's to a successful 2014 !



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